This time of year it’s easy to get caught up in the hype of a new year and everything that comes with that. Planning, being organised and setting goals for myself is something I love to do, all year round not just in January, but I think something just as important is taking time to reflect on what you’ve achieved so far already.

The past week I’ve made a conscious effort to think about the year just gone, not only highlighting the good but also acknowledging the challenges I went through, because to be honest, the most growth I made last year came from moments that were difficult, ones that I tackled, dealt with and overcome. So before I started to plan for everything I want from this new year, these are the 10 things I learnt from last year. 

  • 1) I found my feet with self employment and turning my passion into my everyday work. I learnt more about myself and my personality, what drives and motivates me and what doesn’t. I learnt what truely inspires me and what fuels my passion for creating art each and every day. I learnt how I produce my best work and under what conditions that happens. Having creative freedom and connecting to what Im doing on a personal level always brings me the most satisfaction and that shows in the work I create. 
  • 2) I found new skills, by way of teaching myself and also seeking help from others. Because while learning something on your own is the best feeling, sometimes you have to ask others for help, and that’s ok! Whether its seeking help with accounting, a website, or simply getting a friend to give you their honest opinion about an idea you have, asking for help can take so much unnecessary pressure off your shoulders. If you want to go down a new path and pursue something different of course you'll come across things you don't fully understand! I remember sitting down with someone and thinking 'Is this a stupid question to ask?' but WHO cares, no-one is judging you, take the pressure off yourself and ask for help if you need it! 
  • 3) I found a routine that works for me. If you’re a morning person, great. If you work best at night, great. Its about trialing new things, forming new habits and finding a daily routine that you can stick to because you love it not just because someone else told you to do it. For me I love early mornings, theres something so nice about waking up and getting things done while a big percentage of the world still sleeps. Starting my day by moving, working out and doing something good for my body and mind helps me start my day feeling like the best version of myself, which then flows into the rest of my day and helps me create my best work because I'm in a happy and healthy mindset.
  • 4) I found strength in saying no. I learnt that I cannot do everything, and I shouldn’t. Sometimes you have to say no to things that don’t align with your values. You’ll always come across people and opportunities that might not fit with the path that you’re on, you have to practise being selective and trusting your instincts. Earlier this year I heard someone say ‘If its not a ‘fuck yes’, then its a no’ and thats a pretty good way to look at it.
  • 5) I found gratitude in sharing my story, the highs and lows. The good and bad parts about doing something you love as your job. I learnt that being open and often vulnerable allows other people to feel like they can be open as well.  No ones journey is perfect, there were times that really tested me last year, but these are also the times that made me stronger and more passionate about what I do. Whether its public speaking in a room full of people or sharing videos and writing online, I want to continue to encourage anyone, any age, anywhere, that you can have a dream, work hard for it and make it your reality, it won't be easy, but the satisfaction of waking up everyday and doing something you love, is so, so worth it.
  • 6) I found more value in the one thing we all have the same amount of and the one thing we can never get more of.... time. I learnt how precious this is and how to manage what I do with it, where I invest my time and where I focus my energy. I learnt how to schedule my weeks in order to be the most productive, but I also had to learn that life happens, and to not stress out if something comes up that shifts my schedule. I learnt to plan my time but also have the ability to go with the flow and adapting to that saved me on so many occasions.
  •  7) I found and saw the benefits of self care. Both physically and mentally. Taking time to do the small things that make a big difference. I made a conscious effort to set aside time for me and only me, without feeling guilty or selfish. Whether it was putting on a face mask or going for a run, my body always thanked me for it and my mind was always grateful for it. I always remind myself, 'You cannot pour from an empty cup'. Obviously there are physical benefits from making time for self care, great skin, healthy hair, but it also has the massive ability to shift your mindset because theres something really empowering about taking care of yourself and feeling freaking good. It allows you to show up as the best version of yourself each day for work, for the people around you, and for yourself.
  • 8) I found the importance of who and what you surround yourself with. I learnt that quality of friendship is more valuable than quantity, and that the most supportive, genuine friends will always want to see you do good. I learnt that being around driven, hard working, honest and passionate people is one of the most inspiring things. All of the people closest to me inspire me in some way, whether its in business, in their lifestyle, in the way they think, or the way they express themselves, there is nothing more motivating than being around people that have their own goals, while supporting yours and constantly encourage you to keep doing better.
  • 9) I found how powerful your words really are. Whether they’re thought or spoken, whatever you think and say you naturally attract into your life. If you’re constantly using ‘I cant’ or ‘I will never’  then of course, you won’t. I found that by writing down my goals, and speaking them to other people, being positive in what I was putting out there and using the  ‘I can and I will’ approach genuinely does work, its not bullshit I promise! ‘I can make my passion my job’ …. So I did. 'I can travel to this country during the year'... So I did. 'I can create a life that I love... So I did. 
  • 10) Lastly, but most importantly, I found myself. And this year I'll find myself again, because we should always be learning, growing, changing and finding out new parts of ourselves. Taking time to reflect on the things I learnt and achieved last year makes me even more excited about this year to come.

So whether you're excited for the new year or feeling overwhelmed at the thought of it, making time to sit, think, and be grateful for your past really helps to bring some clarity so you can start manifesting everything you want to bring into your life for this new year.

I can and I will.

- Jess xx 

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